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Feireisl Eduard
Mathematics of fluids in motion
Sobolev Readings
IM Novosibirsk, Russia (August 2017)

Feireisl Eduard
Weak solution approach in fluid mechanics
Mathematics in the modern world
IM Novosibirsk, Russia (August 2017)

Feireisl Eduard
Stationary solutions to problems involving compressible fluids
Equadiff 2017
Bratislava (July 2017)

Feireisl Eduard
Measure-valued solutions for problems in fluid mechanics
RIMS Workshop on Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics
Kyoto, Japan (July 2017)

Feireisl Eduard
On the motion of compressible inviscid uids driven by stochastic forcing
Irregular transport: Analysis and applications
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science University of Basel (June 2017)