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Feireisl Eduard
Mathematical theory of fluids in motion
Siberian Advances in Mathematics 28 (4), 2018, 233-264.

Hošek Radim, She Bangwei
Stability and consistency of a finite difference scheme for compressible viscous isentropic flow in multi-dimension
Journal of Numerical Mathematics 26 (3), 2018, 111-140.

Březina Jan, Feireisl Eduard
Measure-valued solutions to the complete Euler system
Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan 70 (4), 2018, 1227-1245.

Feireisl Eduard, Lu Yong, Novotny Antonin
Weak-strong uniqueness for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations with a hard-sphere pressure law
Science China Mathematics 61 (11), 2018, 2003-2016.

 Paper in proceedings    
Brezina Jan, Feireisl Eduard
Maximal dissipation principle for the complete Euler system
in Proceedings of the Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics, Kyoto, Japan, 5.7.2017 - 7.7.2017, editor(s): Takayuki Kobayashi, RIMS Kokyuroku 2070, Kyoto University, Kyoto, 2018, 44-68.