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Recent 5

Donatelli Donatella, Feireisl Eduard
An anelastic approximation arising in astrophysics
Mathematische Annalen 369 (3-4), 2017, 1573-1597.

Chiodaroli Elisabetta, Feireisl Eduard, Kreml Ondřej, Wiedemann Emil
A-free rigidity and applications to the compressible Euler system
Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata 196 (4), 2017, 1557-1572.

Michálek Martin, Pražák Dalibor, Slavík Jakub
Semilinear damped wave equation in locally uniform spaces
Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis 16 (5), 2017, 1673-1695.

Carrillo Jose A., Feireisl Eduard, Gwiazda Piotr, Swierczewska-Gwiazda Agnieszka
Weak solutions for Euler systems with non-local interactions
Journal of the London Mathematical Society 95 (3), 2017, 705-724.

Chiodaroli Elisabetta, Michálek Martin
Existence and non-uniqueness of global weak solutions to inviscid primitive and Boussinesq equations
Communications in Mathematical Physics 353 (3), 2017, 1201-1216.